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"Philosophy exclusively for TTC students"

As a Sanskrit scholar Guruji brings you the Yoga Sutras direct from their original format. As a master story teller he gives life to these ancient texts with examples that can defy time and place. He will cover the eight limbs of Yoga and other aspects of " Yoga Philosophy " drawn from his immense knowledge of the great Yoga masterpieces. Guruji will put into context the importance of the Vedas and Upanishads and always encourages his students to continue to study the classic texts of Yoga.

Duration and Time:  Course duration is four weeks excluding Sundays. One hour per day for a total of 24 hours of tuition. Class times can vary depending on the progress of an existing class or other factors. Your actual schedule will be clarified during the registration process.What to Bring: 
  •  pen and notebook.
  •  Guruji is seated and students are on floor mats, so a folded yoga mat will provide extra seating comfort if you wish.
  •  Necessary personal effects can be safely stored at the shala during classes.
  •  We have a change room, toilet and a solar hot water shower.
  •  Please read" Rules of Mysore Krishnamachar Yoga Foundation"
Certification:  After completion of the four weeks course, Certificate of Participation issued by Mysore Krishamucharr Yoga Foundation.