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Mudra class commence from the first week of every month

Many aspects of these teachings are not widely revealed today. Guruji’s understanding of the reasons for and benefits of the many mudras he teaches will inspire you in your practice. By combining specific asanas, bandhas and pranayama over a number of breaths,  a Yoga mudra practice will be performed. Beneficial effects on health and well-being will be evident for many ailments.

These mudras are a whole body experience. Guruji does not cover hand mudras.

Duration and Time:  Course duration is four weeks excluding Sundays. One hour per day for a total of 24 hours of tuition. Class times can vary depending on the progress of an existing class or other factors. Your actual schedule will be clarified during the registration process.What to Bring: 
  •   pen and notebook for sure.
  •  Guruji is seated and students are on floor mats, so a folded yoga mat will provide extra seating comfort if you wish.
  •  Necessary personal effects can be safely stored at the shala during classes.
  •  We have a change room, toilet and a solar hot water shower.
  •  Please read" Rules of Krishnamacharr Yoga Foundation".