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Do I need previous yoga experience before studying with Guruji?
Yes. You need to have some familiarity with Primary Series and at least 6 months of steady yoga practice in order to receive the full benefit of Guruji's teachings.

How soon do I need to register before arriving in Mysore?
We prefer students to register at least 20 days before arriving. It is possible to arrive unannounced and take classes, but we cannot guarantee the availability of all courses.

How long do courses last?
All of our courses are 1 month in duration. If we know in advance that a student has less that a month, we may be able to condense the course into a slightly shorter period of time. We feel that to really learn something a month is the minimum amount of time necessary.

How do I get to Mysore?
Bangalore is the nearest International airport. There are buses, trains and taxis available from there. We can arrange a pick up on request. The AC(Health issues) class train is the fastest way to get to Mysore and can be booked online at You can easily catch a rickshaw from the railway station to our Shala. It takes about 20 minutes.