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Asana Adjustment classes

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a disciplined sequence of asana synchronise with breath, count, sight (gaze) and posture Bandhas or Mudras are also a crucial aspect. It is best practiced in a quiet, warm, clean, well- ventilated room. It is important that the body stays hot during the practice in order to advance safely. Ashtanga should not be practiced outdoors as the body cools down through evaporation. Postures should be held for five breaths in beginners practice and up to 15 breaths for more advanced students. Students are supervised by our experienced teacher and may adjust the postures by explaining the techniques onĀ  how to perform the asana posture perfectly. Flexibility of the body differs for every individual. The teacher will handle them in a easy and safer way. Once the postures are perfected, students will be more disciplined in their daily practice as purpose, motivitation, encouragement and achievement will be enhanced.